“…little can compare with the Feshie, surely the most beautiful stretch of river in the Cairngorms. Wide, and with sandy banks, its sides are girt with pines and scented juniper bushes that grow thick and high alongside it. Little wonder that this area was a favourite haunt of the Victorian landscape and animal painter Landseer, now very much in fashion again after decades of obscurity. Though known as Landseer’s Bothy, the hut of Ruigh- Aiteachain is not in fact where the painter stayed. Next to the bothy a chimney stack rises, like a monument. This is all that remains of the building used by the famous painter. Above the fireplace there remained for many years, as the building deteriorated, the fabled frescoes of the stags painted by the artist. Gavin mentions the bothy as intact, and the frescoes in good condition in 1929, and reproduced drawings of them. Seton Gordon indicates that they were still there in 1947, and claims their shelter was a chapel, and, Firsoff, who lived at the head of Glen Feshie, mentions them as extant in the early 1960’s. Now the frescoes, like the building, have vanished.”

Dave Brown, Ian Mitchell. Mountain Days and Bothy Nights. 1987.

Artists Claire Lamond, Andrew Lennie and Alan Grieve bring you the Real Bothy. Travelling through Fife during summer 2013, they invite you to ‘Grab a Bothy brew and join in the Bothy Banter’, continuing a long association of artists with the wild shelters of Scotland. Traditionally, the bothy is understood as an egalitarian environment, a space for exchange. a place of chance meetings, conversations and unspoken codes – Andrew, Claire and Alan will be in the bothy, ready to collect, document and re-tell your stories through their unique art forms.

The Real Bothy is a portable structure, built as a collaboration between the artists and Old School Fabrications in Edinburgh, which will act as a temporary space for creative activity.

Follow our Real Bothy Blog and watch the artists as they work on the project, from initial ideas through to the related events and exhibitions.

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